Storm clouds and excellent user experience

Storm clouds and excellent user experience

StormRunner Load helps organizations obtain an accurate picture of UX for digital services under various loads. The need for the product is intensified by the fact that customers have no patience for slow applications

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טכנולוגיה והייטק מגזין ענן

Every commercial organization nowadays deploys a website or mobile app. Most large businesses do both, because both are important sources of revenue for the organization. A website that crashes even for one hour, or a slow and cumbersome mobile app lead to loss of revenue and a reduction in the number of business opportunities.

Itzik Gan-Baruch, Senior Product Marketing Manager at HPE Software

"In the digital economy, customers are unforgiving when it comes to slow apps or those that don’t meet expectations of convenient, elegant, and pleasant UX,” says Itzik Gan-Baruch, Senior Product Marketing Manager at HPE Software.

“They quickly remove such apps from their devices, and usually avoid downloading them again in the future. Therefore, businesses that transfer commercial activities to the digital domain and want to succeed, must integrate load testing into their development and testing processes".

Expectation of uncompromising UX

Hence the need for an innovative test tool that suits the needs of developers in the digital domain—a simple, powerful, and smart product. The vision is for every user, even if he’s not a trained performance testing engineer, to be able to use the intuitive interface to simulate in a sophisticated way an enormous load on the target system (mobile, API, or browser), to easily identify exceptions in system behavior under load, and to focus on the effect of load on the experience of the individual user.

"This is exactly the job of HPE StormRunner Load, an SaaS product developed at the Yehud development center,” says Avi Arzuan, R&D Director, Testing and Performance Tools, at HPE Software. “Our team includes engineers with many years of experience in the development of performance testing tools and UX".

How does StormRunner Load work?

Avi Arzuan, R&D Director, Testing and Performance Tools, at HPE Software

"The product can simulate millions of users who simultaneously carry out various operations on mobile devices or in browsers, and provides the application development team with an accurate picture of the UX under various loads; these loads represent the expected levels under which the applications will operate. For example, did loading the home page of our site, while other users were carrying out various operations on the site or with the applications, take more than 3 seconds? Is our site capable of serving more than a million users simultaneously?

"StormRunner Load also provides developers with specific recommendations on how to correct problems that arise in the course of testing, so that they can be solved at the early stages of development, avoiding a situation in which users experience these problems later, when using the application.

"The importance of the product follows from the fact that today every modern business organization is also a software developer, routinely having to cope with problems such as growing numbers of users (especially in digital media), changing work methods and technologies, aggressive schedules, and competitive pressure. And all this, while the expectation of uncompromising UX remains in place".

Tremendous computing power

What is technologically unique about StormRunner Load, and in particular, how does cloud computing help?

"The product uses advanced cloud technology to create tremendous computing power within minutes, over time, and from all sorts of locations worldwide. The product incorporates recording and running capabilities, carrying out tests by scripts or using open code tools, network performance simulation (HPE Network Virtualization), analysis of individual UX, simulation of mobile users (HPE Mobile Center), integration with the most popular monitoring tools, and other advanced capabilities.

“We cooperate with the largest cloud infrastructure vendors in the world, which benefits us, and I believe, it benefits them as well. As ‘heavy’ users of their cloud services, we enjoy close relationships, knowledge sharing, and strong support at the technology, and even at the business level. It’s difficult to imagine the setup and maintenance of computing infrastructure in the amount that we use without relying on vendors who specialize in this field".

What about privacy, and access and data security?

"This question arises almost regularly, but even here we detect a change in approach. Until two years ago, this used to be a real obstacle before our customers. But today many of them understand that our huge investment in data security and in protection of privacy (the security system we put in place and the strictest standards that we meet) creates a situation where the product we offer as a service is no less secure than any service running internally within the organization.

"An interesting challenge in this domain is that of regulation. In many countries there is a requirement that private or secure data not leave the boundaries of the state. Here too, a cloud-based solution that can run on dozens of ‘regions’ worldwide, has an advantage".

Who are the typical customers using the service?

"Among our customers are giant companies that routinely use the product: commercial sites with millions of customers, banks, media companies, and educational organizations,” says Itzik Gan-Baruch. “These are only examples of organizations that start using StormRunner Load before a commercial campaign, at the beginning of the registration period, before their application goes live for end users, or even as part of their CI/CD system".

The best tools in the world

You mentioned that there are previous products in the field being developed and sold by your company. Will StormRunner Load replace them?

"The short answer is, no. StormRunner Load was designed to solve a specific problem, based on certain assumptions about specific usage and user characteristics. Our leading products, such as HPE LoadRunner and HPE Performance Center, are the best tools in the world today available to performance testing. In their offices worldwide, professionals use our products every day as their first choice, and often as their only choice. We are the best in the world in our field, and have no intention of stopping or slowing down".

How is the product priced?

"In most cases, customers pay by usage. They purchase licenses according to the desired number of simulated users (per hour or day of running), and can use the product as long as the license has not been exhausted. The product provides clear indication of usage already made and of what is left. Customers often purchase a license for a small number of simulated users, and after experiencing the benefits of the product, they increase the license".

Where can one find additional information about the product?

“We recommend simply trying it out. Customers can sign up for a free trial for one month right on our website, at Alternatively, the help file can be downloaded at".