Selling noise reduction solutions to the Chinese

Selling noise reduction solutions to the Chinese

The algorithm that was developed by Silentium helps to create a "quiet bubble" at home and in more noisy places - such as the private car or train seats

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Silentium, an Israeli company, is engaged in a fairly unique field – active noise reduction technologies. "We have developed and are still developing an algorithm that deals with human acoustics in several ways," explains Yoel Naor, the company's CEO. "One way is to actively control the noise close to its source inside the products – such as silencing the noise produced by household products like kitchen hoods and air conditioners. When there is a problem of more than one noise source, like vehicle interior, the more appropriate solution will be “headphones without headphones” to create a ‘ quite bubble’ around the driver or passenger.

"Recently, since we have already developed the right algorithm, we have decided to turn to an existing sector of active silencing in headphones – and to integrate Silentium’s technology in order to enable companies to compete with leading brands in the market. Today, when everyone switches to wireless headphones that have both processor and power supply, we realized that the headset has all the hardware required to run our software – and we immediately started collaborating with CEVA ( in order to connect with the companies that supply chips to headphone OEMs. We support them throughout the process to the production line".

What is your connection to China?

"To explain this, I will elaborate on our technological solution. We treat noise as an unwanted sound – everything our user does not want to hear, when it can also be music. We are now expanding our ability to create ‘quiet bubbles’ also to create 'audio bubbles' – for example, in a car: the driver can sit in his place and enjoy a quiet drive while listening to his favorite music, while the passenger next to him listens to something else. Our solution actually manages the acoustics around the person. This is a unique solution and therefore very attractive in China

"China is not only a huge market for our technology – a market that is very open to innovation – but also the world's largest cars and trains manufacturer. These companies are turning to us to integrate our product into their vehicles – providing users with more peaceful and pleasant environment.

"A month ago, we even opened a branch in Shanghai which can support these manufacturers, but also other manufacturers in a variety of fields: aviation, earphones, home appliances and more. China is an exporter and also a huge consumer, and regardless of the fluctuations in the global market – the needs and demand for innovation in China will continue.

“In addition, Silentium's business model and the opening of a local branch are integrated into China's future program. I believe it' is time for technology companies to think about their business model, make a smart decision and open a branch in China. It is worth checking out the Chinese program "MADE IN CHINA 2025".

What is important to the Chinese manufacturers?

"The Chinese automobile market, for example, does not want to pay too much for brands – and prefer a solution that can integrate into non-branded products and be supplied by a local supplier. We enable them this, through our collaborations there.

"In addition, the speed of the response is very important for the Chinese. It is important to know how to deal with them and to know their business culture. They can be amazing partners if we can overcome the cultural gaps.

"For those who want to work with China, I recommend cooperating with locals who already live the culture, know it and help you to integrate. When a car manufacturer wants to buy our solution, it asks where it is coming from – and receives an answer that we are an Israeli company called Silentium. The Chinese appreciate the Israeli technology and are pleased to learn that it has a local provider".

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Field of activity: Development of technology for active acoustics and noise reduction.

Number of employees: more than 60.

Entry to the vehicle market: 2013

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